D’Virthus Security and Investigation Agency Inc. was conceived in April 29, 2014. It is a corporation with the incorporators coming from the academe, military, business and in the field of technology. The directors believed that the birth of the agency has decreed: Dedication, Valor, Integrity, Reliability, Transparency, Honesty, Unity and Service for the Glory of God and benefits of his people. It is believed that the objectives can be attained by continually recruiting, hiring, developing, and motivating highly qualified security personnel. We would like to view our agency as one of the leading security agencies in the country.

Virtus is a deity of bravery and strength and it was the specific virtue in Ancient Rome that carries a connotation of valor, manliness, excellence, courage and worth.

The agency continuously seeks the guidance and counseling of experienced individual in the field of military and civilian entities. It was proven to be beneficial both for our clients and the corporation in order to maintain professionalism on our stakeholders.

“Dedication, Valor, Integrity, Reliability, Transparency, Honesty, Unity & Service”